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The aim is to build the best Formula Student Car by building the best team.
We dream to diffuse Formula Student Culture across our country.

About Us

We are a student based team who conceive, design and fabricate formula-style race cars. We are the first and only team from Pakistan, to have participated in FSUK and FSG, the heart of FS competitions. Our ten-year experience benefits us to innovate our design and portray a positive image of Pakistan’s talented youth to the world.

NAS 22

Carbon Fiber body

Lighter and stronger body to improve vehicle aerodynamics.

0-100 KM/H in 5.2 secs

Acheiving breath taking accelerations using HONDA CBR 600 engine.

Steel Space Frame Chassis

Chassis designed to acheive perfect weight balance and stability.

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Our Core Values


We believe in working passionately to become the best team in the world.


We strive to achieve excellence in everything that we do and believe in not giving up until we exhibit our work to the best of our ability.

Team Work

We believe in building a great team. We believe in friendships, cooperation, and sacrificing for others to achieve the common goals.

Honesty and Respect

We believe in ideals of honesty and respect in our everyday engagement.

Adapt and Evolve

We believe in learning new things and getting better every day as a team, and as individuals.

Contribution and Service

We realize our responsibility as citizens of Pakistan to make it a prosperous state. We believe in achieving this by engaging in and inspiring a culture of innovation and technology.

Our Mission


Implement principles of effective project management and develop the all-round skillset to move from combustion vehicle to driverless vehicle fabrication.

Science and Technology

Promote science and technology as the prime values for the development of society and develop formula student curriculum to be integreted in institute.

Formula Student Culture

Promote the formula student culture in Pakistan and organize the first Formula Student event in Pakistan.

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